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Glorybound Publishing is dynamic with their professional services.

We assist authors (who are in any stage of the writing-publishing-printing process) to get to their goals. Since 2005, Glorybound has been helping to publish, print and release books of many types. We have published children’s books, family history, historical novels, text books and much more. We offer a unique opportunity when an author or artist works with us because, not only do we work on releasing the best professionally done book possible, but we have options to print and bind sample copies on-site immediately. This gives authors ready opportunity to edit and inspect their books prior to expanded printing and release to public sales. Books are printed a variety of ways. Recently, we were printing and binding all of our own books, however, recently we have changed to upload books for printing by an arm of Amazon called KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). Using the KDP option coupled with Amazon, our authors are able to release their books very quickly into the world-wide market as well as order copies for themselves at reduced prices (below what we can print them for in our office). 

We assist with KDP (formerly Create Space) to put your books directly on Amazon. Authors have maximum exposure and make more money on their books than conventional printing. On average our authors are receiving a royalty of $7 per book on sales. Print on demand is the way to go! Glorybound Publishing can help you, no matter what stage your book is in. Use the contact page, email or phone our office to get started on enabling your dream to come true. 


All of the services below include up-to 3--1.5 hr sessions with the publisher. Additional sessions are available at $60 per session.  These are some of the areas we assist with:

  • Marketing Consultation- Meet or speak with the publisher to consider the options for your project. Free
  • Sign up author to KDP.  $75
  • Set up author page on Author Central.  $49
  • Make a professional book cover for your book. We offer two choices. $175
  • Upload a children's book to KDP with full bleed 8” x 10” or 8.5” x 11” (print to the edges).  $240
  • Format and upload an entire book and cover using In Design and Photo Shop converted to PDF.  $499
  • Touch up photos for use in your book. $10 each
  • Unfreeze a PDF and convert to Word file. $99
  • Resize book files to 6” x 9” or 8” x 10” or 8.5” x 11”. $499
  • Embed copyright into your book cover or digital files using properties. $75
  • Repair (FIX) files which are "HELD" by KDP due to problems. Examples may be ISBN issues, cover improper size, files too large to upload. $499
  • Decrease file size and embed fonts in already created book. $299
  • Downsize excessively large files to permit them to be uploaded to KDP. $299
  • Format and upload non-conventional size books to KDP to print. $499
  • Convert book cover to make usable for posting to web page or Face Book page. $99
  • Convert and size cover files from Word or Photo Shop files and place into provided KDP template. $299
  • Rescue your book from the non-usable format and convert to KDP. Example: Works to Word Files, Word Pad to Docs, PDF to Word Files. $2 per page
  • Re-publish your book to KDP (formerly create space) because you want to make some changes. Let's fix it. $499
  • Convert Create Space book to Kindle Direct Publishing Book $299​


  • Format and convert your already-published book to e-pub file (includes re-making cover). $499
    Re-format your book cover for e-pub release. $99
  • Add meta-data to existing e-pub book. $55


Do you have books (already) which you would like to sell on Amazon (FBA or Merchant Sell)? They can be listed on a site called Seller Central. We can help set this up. The cost to Amazon is .99 each when sold. 

  • Sign up sell existing books or products through Seller Central to sell. $250
  • Add title to Seller Central. $28 per title


  • Cover Design. Make a professional book cover for your book. We offer two choices. $175
  • Back Cover Design. $65
    Copyright Registration with US Copyright Office. $45 + current copyright fee charged by US Copyright Office
  • ISBN Assignment. $45
  • ISBN Bar Code. $165
  • Digital Photo Scan. $5
  • Work with author through editing process, publication to end up with a print-ready book. Compile the book files using In Design, Photoshop and Acrobat Professional software. The Publisher will work with you through the stages of editing and compilation. Covers and photo scanning extra. Price includes 3-1.5 hr sessions. $499
  • Format and convert a book (we formatted to become print-ready) to e-pub file (includes re-making cover). $199
  • Copy Edit Book-a printed copy of your book (black and white) 8.5” x 11” wire bound. $60


 Authors type using Word, but the book becomes published using a program called Acrobat which produces a ‘frozen’ document. This way the text and pictures don’t move about when the book is released as a digital book (such as Kindle) or printed. The best way to make books is to type the words into Word and add them with the pictures into software called In Design. Then the files are compressed at a high resolution to produce the most vibrant pictures and text. If anyone has attempted to put pictures into Word, he knows that is difficult to control them. Word is not meant to be used for building books. Another problem with using Word to build books is that, although the files can be converted to PDF, the pictures become de-graded and are not as vibrant. In Design retains the original picture as an attachment to the document, so the best possible book is produced. In Design is the dominate pagination software—hands down. At Glorybound Publishing, we build books using In Design and then convert the files to high-resolution PDF files for upload to KDP or Printing Companies (when the author desires printed copies only) for the best result. If you already have a PDF, then we can increase its security and visibility to be found on the web. Here are some of the options we offer. Expanded definitions are below the price list.  


PDF (portable document format) Consultation- Meet or speak with the publisher to consider the Brain-e-Book options for your project. Free

  • Add Trademark to photo, logo or book cover using Photo Shop. $25
  • Set Security in PDF- Restrict copying, extracting, editing of the file. $65
  • Blue Ribbon Certification- Develop Blue Ribbon Security. $145
  • Add Tags to PDF. $50
  • Create Book Marks. $50
  • Add Header or Footer $50
  • Create Links. $25
  • Page URL make it come alive! $25
  • Water Mark or back ground $50
  • Create Document Properties. $135
  • Photoshop embed with date. $125
  • Convert PDF to Word. $100
  • Convert Word to PDF. $100
  • Convert picture file to RGB or CYMK. $25
  • Photo Touch-up using Photoshop. $25


Brain E Book Options with PDF

  1.  Certifying the document. Within this status users can fill in the form and sign the document, but if they remove pages or add comments, the document does not retain its certified status. Certifying a document helps ensure that PDF documents are not altered without the author’s approval. When you save a document as certified, the Blue Ribbon icon appears next to the digital signature and in the signatures tab. 
  2. Security which maintains accessibility in a PDF document while restricting users from printing, copying, extracting, commenting or editing text. Select levels of security.
  3. Adding tags to document. Tagging adds to an underlying organizational structure, or logical structure tree, to the document. The logical structure tree refers to the organization of the document’s content, such as title page, chapters, sections, and subsections. PDF tags can be compared to HTML tags and XML tags. 
  4. Adding Metadata. Document metadata included information about a document and its contents. Some document metadata is created automatically when the PDF file is created. Other document metadata can be added manually by the creator or user of the document. Including: author’s name, document title, and search words. Metadata is commonly used by search engines to locate documents. 
  5. Creating bookmarks. A bookmark is a type of link with representative text on the Bookmarks tab in the navigation pane. Each bookmark goes to a different view or page in the document. You can use an electronic bookmark as you would use a paper bookmark to direct your reader’s attention where you want it. You can use bookmarks to jump to a destination within the document, to another document or to a web page. 
  6. Creating links. Links or hyperlinks let you jump to other locations within the same document, to other electronic documents or websites. You can use links when you want to ensure that your reader has immediate access to related information. 
  7. Link from URL in the document. If there is a website mentioned, it can be linked to be opened directly from the PDF. 
  8. Page thumbnails. Miniature previews of the pages in a document. You can use page thumbnails in Adobe Acrobat to jump quickly to a selected page or to adjust the view of the page.
  9. Adding headers and footers. Can add running title for document or page numbers. 
  10. Watermark and background can be added. A watermark is text or image that appears on top of existing document content when a document is viewed or printed. 
  11. Creating Document Properties. When you view a document you can get information about it such as title, author, fonts used and security settings. 
  12. Conversion from PDF to Word format. If you have PDF version of a document, but don’t have the original application file, you can save the text to RTF (Rich Text Format) or Word format (doc). 


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