2020 Marketing your book with Glorybound Publishing


Amazon Campaign Options

Get your published book OUT THERE with an Amazon Ad created by Glorybound Publishing Campaign Manager. All prices listed do not include Amazon fees. All ads are monitored daily for the first month (included in the price) $100/month after.   *Suggested budget for Book Campaign on Amazon is $200-$500. Pay per clicks is dependent on competition of the specific subject and will be up for discussion at the time the ad is set up. Amazon does not charge for the initial set up of the ad campaign; however, the book must be published on KDP to qualify for this type of Ad Campaign. Options available:

(A) Book or E-Book Amazon Word Select. Budget Ad Campaign.

 Ad Campaign ‘pay per click’ ad on Amazon which features Amazon Automatic Targeting. Amazon targets key words and/or products similar to yours. When those books are purchased, your book may be displayed at that time. Usual budget range $5.00-$7.00 per day. Our charge for set up is $99.

(B) E-Book or Paperback Manual Targeting Ad with 200-299 words.

Campaign Manager searches the best target words which correlate with your title and subject and most searched for with highest paid return. Words include other book titles, ASIN #, similar authors and key words. Usual budget range $5.00-$9.00 per day pay-per-click words. (Average 5,000 impressions per 24 hr on Amazon). You only pay for the ad when it is clicked on by the consumer. Our charge for set up is $199.

(C) Book or E-Book Manual Targeting Ad with 300-399 words

Same as B except there are more words in the search which gives broader visibility for an increased potential of exposure. (Average 7,000 impressions per 24 hr). Usual budget range $9.00-$12.00 per day pay-per-click words. You only pay for the ad when it is clicked on by the consumer.  Our charge for set up is $299.

(D) E-Book. Countdown to release.

E-Book needs to be a new e-book for release on Amazon. Will be set up for pending release. Amazon will put the book on the front pages because it is a new release. Our charge for set up is $99.

(E) E-Book Lock Screen Ad

Will set your e-book as a new release. Min. $100 budget. Must have new e-book.  Our charge for set up is $99. 


(F) Do-it-yourself Manual Target Ad

We will do an extensive search related to your title and provide key words which can be used for Manual Targeting.  We do not build the ad for the book. Words are provided in Spread Sheets. Our price is .25/word.

Amazon Doctor

It is called to our attention that many have attempted to put their files on Amazon and are not happy with the results. They need a professional opinion. If you have an issue with your e-book or paperback related to KDP or CreateSpace, the Campaign Manager will look at your project and diagnose the issues. We will give recommendations to fix the problems. $60 per phone call 20 min. Additional charges may apply if your project requires surgery by our Amazon Doctor. We have put a lot of books on Amazon, so chances are high that we can give sound advice and recommendation on what is needed to remedy your issue. 

Additional Services


Set up Author Central

Set up biography, photo, and link all of the books which have been written to the author.  These may be books on Seller Central or Kindle Digital Publishing. $49

Set up Personal Author URL for Amazon

We will go into amazon and set up a personal link so that individuals can type in your name and find all of your books right away. Don't get lost in the shuffle on Amazon. Help your readers find you. $25

Set up KDP (Kindle Digital Publishing) Account

If you have a book ready to go on line, we can help you through the process of signing up for KDP account. $25

Add to Subject Listing on KDP

KDP allows two subjects to be entered when putting a book on KDP for sale. Glorybound Campaingn Manager will research and add 8 additional subjects which will help readers to find the book. $79

Best Key Words for Sell Factor-Provide best 7

If your book is listed the way people are searching for it  then they will best locate it. Help them. We will research the best key words, how much they are worth and what other books who use these key words, are selling for. It's about making money on your book!

Do you need web links to Amazon?

We will research your book and provide the needed web links to share on your web site, facebook friends or email list.  $55